Our history is closely intertwined with 2 quite successful business of namely JWS Services, LLC and Millrock, Inc. which both achieved great success in wood framing to finish carpentry and Millwork respectively. Millrock, Inc. dominated the scene in the New England region for many years and was based in Maine. Mousam Valley Millwork is a family based business and both the husband wife/business partner duo of L. Joseph Willis and Lisa M. have played an important role in the success of this company. Both of our founders have been associated with Millrock Inc. since 1990s and Lisa spent 12 years at Millrock overseeing business operations, manufacturing process. As a member of middle management she was at the helm of affairs at production scheduling and process planning department. In this role, she was involved with day to day operations of sales, project management, engineering,  and manufacturing departments of Millrock Inc.

Marty Liebmann, former president and owner of Millrock Inc., is another prominent member of our team who joined Mousam Valley Millwork as our Business and Project Development Manager bringing with him years of experience and an insider view of Millwork industry. Joe worked as an installer and has decades of experience as a highly skilled carpenter who has proved his mark in the Millwork industry. His talents combined with the administrative and business acumen of his wife and vast knowledge and experience of Marty have helped in establishing MVM as an up and coming leading player in the Millwork industry of New England Region.

Machines are replacing humans in most manufacturing industries and although mass produced items are often as good as handmade ones. People are certainly missing the personal touch which was available with the products of bygone years. Mousam Valley Millwork, has over the years tried to preserve this legacy of humanity by providing unique and high quality Millwork which is better than artificial wooden millwork made by modern machines in every way. By adopting eco-friendly, organic and natural manufacturing processes and finishes we’ve ensured that we are playing our part in maintaining the ecological balance. Sometimes our staff jokingly says that “We are the Amish of New England”, as machines have not replaced humans in our production facilities where each and every single piece of Millwork is created by hands and involves an unmeasurable amount of hard work of our drafters and craftsmen.


Our Draftsmen, Project Managers and support staff are always willing to go to an extra mile for the satisfaction of our clients. Our origins as a family business and deep involvement of both the founders have allowed to approach business as a community enterprise where we care for each and every problem of our clients. Mousam Valley Millwork represents the best of the American Dream as we have been able to achieve success with the shear hard work and personal involvement of our founders, partners and staff without ever outsourcing anything to a foreign country. Mousam Valley Millwork, Lisa and Joe look forward to becoming your choice for millwork needs in the near future. We service a wide variety of markets and can surely make your vision come to life.


Our Mission

To bring craftsmanship and quality to each and every project we build, deliver and install while committing to high standards. We are proud to say machines have not replaced craftsman in our Maine facility.

Business Strategy

To continue our growth and become one of the leaders in the industry of millwork build and install.